Teach Kids to code


Teach Kids to code

A fun, flexible, and well paid job!

As an instructor, you will teach in our classes at Imperial College - either in South Kensington or White City.

Every session will be a little bit different, but the general format will have you supporting 5 - 10 children aged 7 - 15 while they work through coding projects in our online platform for about 1.5 hours.

We provide a library of projects for the kids, helping them to make games, puzzles, and animations. They are introduced to core topics, then follow step by step instructions within tutorials before finally being challenged with open-ended briefs.

Your role is to be a guide, directing students towards projects they’ll get the most out of, helping them get to grips with new concepts, explaining how to break problems down, and helping them to debug their code when they get stuck.

We deal with all the admin, and provide you with resources and advice from our experiences of teaching and working with kids. All you have to do is turn up and teach. We do the rest.


Why teach?

Why teach?

It's Fun

Kids are all so different; they can be hilarious, want you to try their games, or just have a bit of a chat.

It's Flexible

Teaching typically happens on a Saturday, but we're flexible with when you teach and realise term time pressures can get in the way some weekends.

It's Local

We run at Imperial College in both South Kensington and White City - so we're likely to have a class near you!


It's Fulfilling

You get to help the next generation shape the digital world they're growing up in, and learn really valuable skills.

It's Valuable

Not only do you help the kids, but you can build your confidence and communication skills, and learn some coding along the way.

It's Well Paid

You start on £10 per hour as a trainee, then after a 10 hours of teaching will start earning £12.50 as a regular instructor. Lead instructors earn £15 per hour.


What we're looking for

What we're looking for

We don’t look for lots of technical expertise or teaching experience, but if you’ve got some, great!

We'll need you to be:

  • Smart and able to learn on your feet
  • Friendly and able to talk comfortably with kids
  • Good at explaining coding concepts simply
  • Willing to learn to code and stay ahead of the kids

We don't need you to be:

  • Available each week; we realise you have busy schedules, and hire enough instructors to balance demand.
  • To know how to code from the start: although this helps, and it requires less extra effort to stay ahead of the kids


We recruit all year round whenever we need people. Get in touch with the form below, and if we like your application we'll arrange an interview. If you're accepted post interview, we'll train you up and get you teaching!